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AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit Review

AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit Review


I purchased my first AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit a few weeks before the 2015 Whitetail season.  I made the purchase from my local brick and mortar. Returning this item to what I thought was my true and trusted sporting goods store proved to be more difficult than it should have been but that’s a story for another day.


The concept of the AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit is a single laser device that fits inside of different caliber arbors (simulated brass shells).  One power source is two AA batteries with a short wire with an adapter at the end to screw into the laser device.  The other source of energy is three small watch batteries that are stacked inside of the laser device to accommodate rifle actions that need to be closed to allow the arbor to fit properly.


The good.  When functioning the whole thing works as advertised.  The arbors fit very well for the given caliber.  The laser is quite functional up to bout 100 yards.


The bad: The first AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit laser didn’t work at all out of the box.  Neither the watch batteries that were provided nor brand new AA batteries that I provided would get it to work.  I returned the first kit a few weeks after purchase for a refund.  I had paid just over $100 in store for it.  When I returned the kit, the agent indicated to me that they get a lot of AimSHOT products returned.

Just before 2016 hunting season, I decided to give the company one more try.  I purchased my second AimSHOT KT-Rifle Bore Sight Kit.  This time the laser worked long enough for me to sight in one rifle.  Then inexplicably the laser just stopped working again.

Conclusion. AimSHOT has the machining of the arbors figured out.  The packaging looks pretty good, but they have almost no quality in the actual laser device.  At grocery store checkout I have made impulse buys for laser pointers for $2.50 that work many times better.

If Aimshot can fix the laser problem, I would consider purchasing but not without a money back guarantee.